Business Spotlight

Story by mount_editor

14 November 2022

Meet Float Antigravity Fitness

Float Antigravity Fitness have been on our Mount Mainstreet for 6 years now and owner Louse Kirkham has big plans for the studio space that includes Art Exhibition, launches and so much more. 

Lisa from our Mainstreet team popped in to catch up with Lou and check out her studio and find out what Float Fitness is all about. 

“When I visited Louise for a catch up, I was graced with a whole lotta cuteness as a Baby Massage Class was currently being held in the studio space.”

The space already hosts an array of health and fitness activities with their core focus is Anti-Gravity Float classes that average on 60 minutes. 

Louise describes the class as ‘ a pinch of yoga, a dash of Pilates and a sprinkling of Aerial Magic’. 

Left: Louise Kirkham, owner and founder 
Right: Georgia Burr, Studio Manager


“The benefits of this technique, which is called Anti-Gravity Fitness (a fusion of Pilates, yoga and aerial arts) is spinal health. Our signature move is actually hanging upside down, we support the pelvis and invert. 

There are so many benefits to spinal health as it brings blood and nutrients back into the spine. 

For general health and spinal stiffness, it’s great, because we actually combine hanging upside down with releasing the front belt into the hip flexes and increasing core strength which is so good for you. 

It is really addictive because not only do you feel good physically, mentally you are releasing endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin so if you have a really bad day, you can just get upside down and release all of that. ‘ 

‘Most of them are an hour. We have a lot of Christmas parties booked in too, not only is it for health, but it is also really fun to do in a group and it just provides a really fun team activity.’ 

I love that idea; I think by going in a group it also takes away that nervousness of trying something new for the first time on your own too, doesn’t it?

‘Well, we also do Laughing Yoga.’ 

A lady called Sasha teaches it and she’s great at it. You dance around and do exercises. It is literally about letting go and having a good time and being playful. There’s one on 18th November, bring your friends!’ 

Quick fire Questions: Louise and Georgia’s Mount MainStreet Faves

Fave place to eat in the Mount? 

‘Rice Rice Baby’ ( they both said this in sync)

Fave place to wind down? 

‘Madame Sunset’

Fave Retail store? 

‘Paper Plane and Backdoor Surf Shop’