Destination Degustation

Story by mount_editor

6 April 2023

Flavours of Plenty Festival hit the Bay of Plenty in full force this year, taking place from the 24th March to the 2nd April. As part of the Festival Mount Mainstreet hosted our very first roaming lunch, Destination Degustation. 

Two groups went on a culinary tour of our Mainstreet on Saturday 1st April, and had such a great time! 

We’ve compiled a snippet of the day! Don’t worry if you missed out, this was a crowd favourite so we’ll be sure to host another one!

Thanks to Alpino, Lolo Kitchen, Fox’s Hawker House, Hide Thirst & Hunger, Sea People, Solera, Sabal, Saltwater, Master Kong and Mount Made all for contributing to a great day out. 

Also thanks to Bob Queres (musician), Anna Killick (slam poetry), Milla Sharp (dance), The Photobooth Lady and DJ’s Pretty Fly and a White Guy for entertaining everyone along the way. 


Lolo Kitchen

Fox's Hawker House

Hide Thirst & Hunger

Sea People




Master Kong

Mount Made